New design- Flyer

I did this 4x6 postcard vertical flyer design for my friends The Toe Stoppas, an awesome promotions group. I've been doing work for them for a couple of years now.

I provided them with two variants, Blue and Pink.


My dark Knight

Here is a my take on my favorite version of the comic book Batman (blue and gray costume)

For all my Raider Nation Family

Here are two variant images of a raider nation themed animation I'm working on. For those who don't know, I'm a loyal life long member of the Raider Nation. Modeled and rendered in 3d MAX and composited in Photoshop CS4.



It has been too long. I'm done being a neglectful blogger. More to come soon.



Here is a new test animation using an old character rig I made...

Love to know what you think...



Answer: Magic Mountain without the rollercoasters!

Question: What is attending the Jobing.com job fair at UOP Stadium like?

Seriously, the most wasted four hours of my life. Seriously. The first question I asked everyone when I finally made my way to the end of the line was "Does anyone actually get hired from a job fair" the response I got from the seasoned veterans of the job fair circuit in front of me was "ah, no." After 1 1/12 hours following the winding snake line around the stadium and back again, I finally got in. Mind you, I was a job fair virgin. I attended alone, I learned that job fairs are actually family events and a good chance to get all your friends together and go through just like...Magic Mountain! I also learned that even though you are going to try to get a job, baggy jeans, jerseys, and hats are all customary business attire. Atleast with many of the younger attendees. Ten minutes into the wait, we were approached by a jobing.com employer that was herding people away stating that all of the employers inside where listed on the jobing.com website and it was easier to apply online. The scheduled six hour long fair had started 1 hour earlier. I saw every race, stereotype, industry worker and age. Damn, I'm fighting for a $10 an hour shitty shift job with 50+ year olds and 19 junior college drop outs. the nice thing is that it was a nice cool day. I realized this was magic mountain without the rollercoasters when I passed a sign that read "absolutely No random Soliciting to any job seeking patrons is permitted." This sign was posted right next to a Seattles Best Coffee stand selling $6 coffees and $4.75 bottled waters. I know, fucked up right. Another thing was, when waiting in line for the Viper, you wait in line outside, get inside to find more lines. Same here. Every booth had four or five lines seven deep. There was a seminar where a man instructed strangers that they need to be thankful once getting a shitty job and never be heard complaining about hours or benefits. be appreciative of your laborous existense for meager rates.
When I got out, two and a half hours later, the lines where still long as hell. People where rushing to get in line for the chance to meet an employeed rep of Safeway, KFC, the Army, Caliber College?? wft! and worse...Jobing.com. I'm not sure whats worse. Standing in line to get the job, or having the $9 an hour job of watching people standing line to get a job. So, after such an engaging experience, I've learn this. We are seriously fucked as a Society...


DJ Render Zoom...

Here is my first ad of 2009.
I'm working on promotion my skills as an animator.
More to come...


I worked here yesterday...

Check it out...I'm starting off this new year working...Creatively. I locked up three big projects for January already. I'll post when completed if permitted.

This area in northeastern scottsdale makes me think of the Flintstones...


Daily Snapshot 001

Taken while driving 10 mph in I-10 traffic...

Driving southbound on 303 @3:30pm


My Movie Favorites of 2008...

My top ten of last year. There are still several I haven't seen yet, but here is the list right now.

The Curious Case of Bejamin Button
Slumdog Millionaire
The Dark Knight
Burn After Reading
Wall E
Body of Lies
The Wackness
Be kind Rewind

Daily thought...

Surprisingly 2008 was a successful and overall good year for me. Although last year started out rough, it ended up being really easy going and fun. The holiday season was especially awesome, being able to chill with family and friends. In saying all that, I have no intention to dwell on the year just past. I was ready to get 2009 started two months ago. I have several projects scheduled already and I’m eager to get started on making this year even better. I haven’t committed to any resolutions. I decided to follow in my amazing wife’s footsteps. Her approach is not to make resolutions but rather promises to herself regarding important things this year. Here’s to the future.


Here is my first post of 2009. It explains itself so I won't dwell. Also, I have a goal of posting atleast one new pic every day this year. I have a feeling this is going to be a friggin big year. Cheers...